Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, and a website. It seems that you need to have all of those things just to get off the ground when it comes to getting an audience on a website. However, having all those things and setting them up might be the hardest part of the process, because cross-posting can make everything easier.

Using my website, I’m able to connect potential customers to all my social media websites and blogs, and when I do end up posting I just have to click one button. Now I’m going to show you how to ensure that all your social media and information on the web can be connected. The way to get instant follows, without having to buy them.

First, on your website, ensure that you have the buttons to your social media sites on the website page. If I log onto your website, then I should instantly see links to your social sites and all of them should be updated.

If they aren’t updated or haven’t been touched in a while, then don’t post them, because if someone clicks on your Twitter, they expect to see a well fleshed out and maintained Twitter feed. Same with everything else.

I also recommended putting posts on the webpage itself, especially if you post on a weekly basis, that way instead of your followers checking your page every week, they can simply check your website and see your newest post. If you post on a blog regularly, you can blog and then have the links to the new posting be automatically sent out to your social media sites.

Make all those connections work for you, and you’ll soon be working less. If people are following both your blog and your Twitter, then ensure that they can easily get from one to the other. You might even be able to put a real-time Twitter feed on your website!

Next, let people share the posts and web pages that matter to them. If you are offering a special deal, discount, or service on your website, give the people who see it the opportunity to share it. Make it as simple as possible for something you’ve created to be shared, and I can promise that it will be shared. That’s a sure fire way to get instant followers.

I’m able to write a post or showcase a deal on one of my products, and then instantly get it to an interested audience that will share it with more people. That improves both my recognition and my sales, and I use programs such as Google Analytics to get a clearly tracked sheet of all the people who are actively using my content.

There are countless ways to ensure that your website and your social media are all working hand in hand with one another and these are just a few. Doing research and customizing your own plans for your brand will always be worthwhile and will allow for more time to actively create and share content.