Surveys are fun, not going to lie. Who doesn’t love taking quizzes and surveys about odd topics and potentially getting prizes or other benefits? However, a survey can also bring a community together, especially to drive the community forward in one direction or another.

For business owners with an active social media account, a survey can help you connect with your audience. If your business is promoting a new product or a new app, having a survey can gauge community reaction and figure out what features they like/dislike. Or even if they will buy it in the first place.

However, not all surveys are created equal and not all social networks can give you the help and response you deserve. How do you find the right one for you and your business?

First, figure out what type of social media your audience is interacting with. User numbers and data can be tracked and analyzed over a period of days or weeks. Then you’ll be able to see what the audience is reacting with.

Once you have the social sites people are using, then you can use them to reach out. If your audience is using Facebook, ask for likes. If people use Twitter, then ask for retweets, or even cross-post to other sites. Use the audience you have to spread the messages to other audiences, and that will help you get free Instagram followers without survey.

Then once you have your survey, you will have a much larger follower count to choose from and a wider answer variety. Consider buying some followers to also up your popularity.

Then start posting your surveys on the popular social media site, and include an incentive to have your followers complete it. Give a free download, or a discount, or some other prize upon completion. The incentive will change depending on exactly what the business is and what you offer, but it should be alluring enough to bring people to the survey.

Next, create your survey and figure out the type of responses that you want depending on the questions you are asking. If you are asking whether the community likes having a certain app on their phone that connects them to your business, then the survey can mostly be a few yes or no questions followed by a few sections to give clarification or feedback.

If your company wants an in-depth review of a new project or a protected idea, then sprinkle in a few more short answer questions and required multiple choice questions to get the information you need. A strategy you can use to think about what makes your perfect answer to the questions you are asking. Then design the survey to get them.

There are plenty of survey templates and design tips that can ensure you create the type of survey that the business needs, and once you have an idea of the questions and answers you want to ask, then you can share the survey and get the answers that can help grow your business.