Journey Toward God

More than once we have heard the Christian life described not as a race of speed but rather one of resistence. The analogy of the race and its demands reveal a great truth. Openness to grace, despite the inevitable difficulties, one´s own personal weaknesses, and anything that distracts us from what is essential, ought to be sustained by constancy and a tenacious perseverance in the path undertaken. This, so that the grace may not be rendered sterile.[1] St. Paul tells us in his letter to the Galatians, “And so, let us not be deficient in doing good. For in due time, we shall reap without fail.”[2] With these words, the great Apostle of the Gentiles exhorts us to persevere in the path of faith until the fullness in love. It’s not enough to have made an initial decision to follow the Lord. We must remain faithful to that fundamental, radical option and cooperate both actively and generously with the grace, poured out abundantly upon our hearts by the Holy Spirit. That is why there is great importance in never losing sight of who we are and to what we are called: “And this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”[3]

Amidst the flux and demands of daily life, it is often difficult for us to make enough space for ourselves and to find the necessary peace to reflect upon what is essential. It is difficult for us to experience our own hunger for God, to deepen our own response of faith and its demands, and to enliven our love for the Lord in order to follow him each day. The challenge for us lies precisely in maturing in our interior lives and enriching our relationship with the Lord. This means living out the implications of our Baptism and Confirmation more fully, and doing so where God has placed us, in the happenings and circumstances of daily life. It means living the ordinary in an extraordinary way, and in this way, concretely completing the divine plan.

The second volume of Journey Toward God, included here with the first, is a simple and practical instrument to renew and deepen in our life of faith. Building upon the first volume, it offers simple ways for us to renew our spiritual combat; clarifying the criteria of our minds, providing motivation for our hearts, and encouraging us to coherent action in our daily lives. Gathered together are reflection on different topics, vital for us to solidify our Christian commitment. Biblical passages have also been added to enrich each reflection.

The use of this material is not restricted only to prayer and personal reflection. It’s also a valuable instrument for communal retreats, group meetings and pastoral work in general. We hope that reading and meditating on these texts, in the company of Mary, will help you journey with greater enthusiasm, joy, and generosity toward a personal encounter with God.

[1] See 1Cor 15:10.

[2] Gal 6:9.

[3] Jn 17:3.