The Assumption of Mary

The Assumption of The Virgin Mary

We celebrate Virgin Mary assumed into the heavens by the strength of Our Lord resurrection. Looking at Mary, once again, she tells us “do whatever my Son tells you”. Let’s listen to Lord Jesus through this prayer and to placing in action that which He tell us, just as Your mother always did.

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


The Lord needs you, needs you to proclaim His Gospel with the testimony of your life, needs you to use your energy, enthusiasm, joy when serving others, to build a society that grows more fraternal, reconciled and centered in the Real love that comes from God.

Pentecost Sunday


Once first apostles and disciples of Christ had received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost: they preached and taught “all about the Lord Jesus Christ with all ‘parrhesia’, without any hindrance» (Acts 28:31). Parrhesia is the courage to announce and to talk about Jesus without any fear.